September is Self-Care Awareness Month

What is Self-Care?

Self care is the sum of actions, beliefs, and practices that allow you to live the most fulfilling life possible. Self care will have different meaning for you depending on your values and the phase of life you are in.

Some Common Reasons for Self-Care:
Bring balance to your hectic schedule,
To allow your body to heal,
Fill up your cup after giving your time/energy to family or others,
Connect you with your fullest potential to create and give back,
Allow you to relax and release stress,
Opening yourself up to enjoy your life.

How to put Self-Care awareness month into practice:

  • Ask: What do I value most?

  • Ask: What activities/places/people make me feel the best?

  • Ask: Am I including my values and what makes me feel good in my life on a consistent basis?

  • Ask: How can I do this better?

  • Begin! Take action immediately!

As you identify what self-care means for you, and you begin practicing living this way consistently, I guarantee you more energy and enthusiasm for yourlife. Our monthly events are intended to be a source of self-care and resources to help you live optimally today. Check out what we've got on the calendar forSeptemberbelow!