What people are saying

“I have loved working with Jessica over the past 6 months on a weekly basis. Honestly one of the kindest and most genuine people I've crossed paths with in Bend. She genuinely cares! I didn't realize how good my nervous system was supposed to feel until now. The process of unraveling the stress and fight or flight response patterns in my body and life has been needed and necessary. Though a slower process for me its been well worth the effort. I originally came to see her with a general unease in my body and a frozen shoulder. I'm feeling 90% with my shoulder and am moving in a positive direction. In addition she has helped educate me along the way and I'm inspired to continue learning from her how to create more ease and optimum health for me and my family. I'm so very glad we crossed paths. I would highly recommend her.”

-Jana W

“I started seeing Jessica because I was feeling generally tired and not well - I was tired of feeling sick and tired. It's been over a year now and I can't say enough about how beneficial it's been for me. I am a CPA and tax seasons are SO stressful for me. The tax season before and after working with Jessica were profoundly different. My body felt so much better this last tax season. Because of that, my attitude also drastically improved. The only change I had made was going to Heart of Life so I know that was the difference.
I love going to my appointments at Heart of Life. It's like a mini-massage. It's relaxing and I always feel sad when the appointment is over! I could not recommend Heart of Life enough to anyone wanting to feel better, physically or mentally.”

-Erica K

“I started working with Dr. Jessica about 4 months ago, walking in with a laundry list of health issues ~ her calm, centered presence immediately relaxed me and her explanation of the Vitalistic Chiropractic method resonated with me completely.

From the beginning, I've loved going in for adjustments ~ Dr. Jessica has created a warm, quiet, welcoming environment and just being in her space is peaceful. These visits have become a special time of self-care where I can fully relax ~ I always leave feeling renewed & restored.

She has been incredibly supportive, giving me the tools & resources to optimize my results and, she is unfailingly present, available & truly committed to helping her clients achieve vibrant health. I am so grateful to have found not only a wonderful chiropractor but also
someone who embodies the qualities I want to emulate.

It is very subtle work and takes time, but the results are long-lasting. Having tried many other things beforehand, I can say that this form of treatment has done for me what others did not. With this work (combined with meditation, dietary changes and other supportive modalities), I am feeling better than I have in years. The first thing I noticed was my energy level starting to go up. My headaches are now a thing of the past (they were occurring daily before), my hip/rib/low back pain is all but gone, the brain fog has lifted, but best of all, a life-long pattern of anxiety is gone. I feel calm, more present and joyous in each moment, and engaged with life in a whole new way.
Thank you, Dr.Jessica!”

-Jen I

"Dr. Jessica truly changed my life! She gives her best to every person that walks into her life, which includes her incredible knowledge, her love and passion for life, and - of course - her amazing abilities with her hands! Under her care, my sleep has improved and I handle my mental and emotional stress much better than ever before. Dr. Jessica cultivates an environment that makes you feel like family, and I would entrust her with anyone that I love - infants, kids, adults, athletes, grandparents, pregnant moms - anyone! I am confident she will make a MAJOR impact in your life as well!"

-Lauren S

“Dr. Jessica's approach to healing is so refreshing and makes too much sense to overlook. I have had back pain for many years and tried a number of quick fixes that in some cases provided short-term relief, but never fully resolved my pain. I have since found out that I had been treating the symptoms, not the root cause of the pain. With Dr. Jessica's help, the pent-up stress stored in my body that has lingered from countless injuries over the course of my life has finally begun to release! I highly recommend Dr. Jessica and Heart of Life to anyone looking for lasting relief from pain.”

-Jacob R

"I have had nerve pain in my leg for a number of years. After trying more intense chiropractic work, then acupuncture for a couple of years and physical therapy for a year, I wanted to try chiropractic work again. I was looking for a treatment option that would be more lasting. I asked my naturopath doctor and she highly recommended Dr. Jessica. Plus, after reading her website about her past and other client reviews, I thought it would be a perfect fit for what I was looking for in regards to treatment to my leg, and helping my nervous system overall.

Maybe some hesitations during the first month or two with the pain being a bit more apparent, but now I am seeing more lasting results without the intense pain and my body recovering faster if I do tweak my leg. I have felt more relaxed and my leg pain doesn't seem as intense as when I first started seeing Dr. Jessica.

Dr. Jessica is very kind, compassionate, responsible and always there to answer any questions I have, whether in person or through email. She is very helpful and knowledgeable through this whole process. Overall, I so respect her professionalism.

She does amazing treatments that are very personal to your needs and wants. This whole process with her has been very positive."

- Betsy P

“Dr. Jessica is a gentle, loving soul. She has a way of connecting with her clients that allows them to feel comfortable and ready to receive the best quality adjustment!”

-Krysten S

“Dr. Jessica is an amazing chiropractor! Her sweet spirit and gentle technique has been a huge blessing to me and my daughters! I highly recommend her for your family's care!”

-Liz T

“As a new comer to a chiropractic wellness lifestyle, I am lucky to be under the care of Dr. Jessica. I did not have a particular reason for coming in other than to learn more about enhancing my health.  She shared with me the importance of maintaining optimal health. She also shared with me how my daily physical stressors such as: sitting on my wallet, leaning while driving, not breathing deeply, lack of stretching, stress management and so much more impact my ability to adapt and later in life lead to negative impacts on my health. I am now able to correct myself when falling into those habits and coming for adjustments has been a relief! Thank you, Dr. Jessica, for educating and assisting me in optimizing my health.”

-Nickolas C

“Dr. Jessica is a wonderful chiropractor whose love for what she does comes through in every adjustment she delivers. As a previous client, I can wholeheartedly recommend her skill, her knowledge, and her passion for delivering the most authentic care possible! Dr. Jessica uses information from your diet, your daily activities, your stressors, and more to tailor the most appropriate, individualized care for each of her clients. After just a few moments with Dr. Jessica, you will sense her ability to help you create the life you desire!”

-Taylor H

“Dr. Jessica is very pleasant and genuinely concerned for my well-being.  I had been experiencing pain in my lower back area.  Within a few visits I experienced a noticeable change and the pain I had was negligible.  Dr. Jessica is very knowledgeable and I have no hesitation to recommend Dr. Jessica to any of my family or friends.”

-Gary P