An Innovative Approach. 

Optimal health is about fully expressing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally from a place of trust. 



It's simple:

Our bodies are composed of roughly 70 TRILLION cells. 

These cells are all controlled by your brain.  Your brain tells all 70 trillion cells what to do by sending impulses through the nervous system, our master control system, to the rest of the body.

Like any relationship, if the communication between your brain and body is 100%, life is great and you feel amazing.

BUT, life happens and all of us experience stress, it is nothing personal. Stressors decreases this communication.


It could be physical stress (a rough landing on your bike, getting tackled in a friendly game of football, sitting for long periods of time hunched over your computer).

Sometimes it's mental/emotional stress (disagreement with your boss/spouse, financial responsibilities, losing a loved one).

Or it may be chemical stress (preservatives in our food, taking medication, technology).



When you are unable to process these stressors, they build up in your body creating layers of tension that you come to experience as common symptoms: a back ache, headache, tiredness & fatigue, digestive upset, poor sleep, the feeling of having an "off-day" or more.

These symptoms are a sign that your brain and body are not communicating at 100%. Some or all of those 100 trillion cells are disconnected and unable to do the job they are designed to do.

So, the idea is simple.  You health is based on your body's ability to communicate.  The use of gentle specific contacts help to process and release tensional patterns in your system, thereby increasing the communication and allowing you to function and feel the way you're meant to.