Why Would I Care About My Nervous System?

Ever notice that your heart beats without being told? Or that your lungs know to breathe even when you are not focusing on them? There is something within our bodies that we are all born with that tells everything within our body what to do, how and when to do it.


When a baby is developing in mom’s womb, the first structure formed is something called the human notochord. This structure goes on to create the human nervous system and from that our eyes, nose, arms, legs, heart, digestive system, immune system, endocrine system and all other parts and systems of our bodies are perfectly created in approximately 40 weeks, before we are born, thanks to our intelligent nervous system.


Amazingly, our nervous system and the intelligence contained within it stays with us all throughout our lifetime. This is what tells our heart to beat, our lungs to breath, our digestive system to take nutrients from our food, our muscles to move, what thoughts we think and more.  The human nervous system is responsible for communicating to all 70 trillion cells within our body and coordinating their functions. Because of this our cells are able to repair, regenerate, reorganize and adapt so that we stay living.


Taking care of our master control system, our nervous system ensures that we adapt well, maintain health, and stay healthy lifelong. In fact, what we do today determines the health and integrity of our body tomorrow simply because our cells are constantly regenerating. On average, 99% of our cells are brand new every 4.5 years. If we choose to make poor choices in regards to our health our cells will reflect that, and if we consciously make an effort to support our health our cells and biology will reflect that with greater expressions of health as we age.