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Combat Stress with Lifestyle and Nutrition

Tuesday, September 17th 6-7pm

Join Dr. Jessica Goyke and special guest Marla Tomorug, Plant-based Blogger, for a mini-seminar on Living Optimally.

"Stress kills," you've heard it, but is this the entire story? Not completely. Our stress response exists for many physiological reasons. Some of those reasons could be to motivate us, to give us an extra adrenaline boost for physical performance or to excite us into action. However, it is how our body responds to stress that determines whether it is harmful or helpful.

Un-processed stress stays in the body and presents itself physically as:
Low Energy
Frequent Colds
Poor Posture
Hormone Imbalance
Dis-ease Processes (Degenerative, Auto-Immune, Cancer, etc)
& More

Want to know more? Join us and learn how to reduce the harmful impacts of stress and how to adapt appropriately to keep your health, energy and vitality today and over your lifetime!
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