What is Tonal Chiropractic?

What is a tonal chiropractic?

       Your body is a beautiful compilation of soft tissues (fascia, connective tissues, organs, joints, ligaments), muscles and boney tissues. Each of these tissues has a different tone; for example, bones are far more dense than organs, and your heart has a much different tone than your liver.

In order for your body to be in alignment and for your cells, tissues and organs to do their job and adapt well to life’s experiences (physical, mental, emotional, and/or chemical) the tone of the body must be in optimal balance, in cell biology we call this homeostasis. In simple terms, health comes from the inside out!

Say you have an instrument in a musical band and it is in tune, the sound is pleasant and your sound compliments the other players in a band and the show can go on. When your instrument is out of tune the sound is unpleasant or undesirable, the show will stop so you can figure out who is out of tune. 

Likewise when the tone of our biology is off, what we feel, experience and express is undesirable and unpleasant.  Our physical structure may show imbalances, our body systems may experience dysfunction, our mental/emotional state may be poor, etc.


What controls the tone of my biology? 

The nervous system, the master control system of your body is responsible for regulating, regenerating and healing all systems of your body, and it produces an overall tone. The bioenergetics of the nervous system is housed within the brain and spinal cord and peripheral nerves that send signals throughout the rest of the body. Ultimately, your body cannot function at its optimum if there is an imbalance in its overall tone; this is because your body is not getting the proper information to do its job via the nervous system.

When our nervous system experiences what we perceive as stress, this changes the tone of our biology depending on whether we integrate that experience or not.

For example, say you twisted your knee skiing, if your body integrated that stress the next time you go skiing you will respond differently with movements, muscles and ligaments that will prevent injury. A body that did not integrate this experience may hold tremendous fear even thinking about skiing and could potentially reinjure themselves.

The body that has not integrated the experience holds tonal/tensional patterns keeping that person in the frequency of the experience. Our nervous system does not know the difference between the past, present or future and will run patterns of stress until they are integrated. This stress could be physical like the example, or it could be mental, emotional or chemical and as long as it remains unintegrated, it’s changing the tone of your body, the response of your nervous system and your overall expression of health.


What is a tonal adjustment?

Gentle specific contacts into the areas where tone is not optimal, and patterns of tension are stored, stimulate the nervous system to reprocess and reintegrate that stress so that our system grows and moves beyond it. As the body begins to rebalance tone and create homeostasis via the nervous system our body is able to better communicate. With proper communication our bodies are able to do what they are designed to do, which is heal, repair, regenerate and continuously evolve and express optimal health and lives. Simply stated, an optimal life starts with optimal health!