A little bit about the woman behind Heart of Life, Dr. Jessica


For those of you that are new to following this page, my name is Dr. Jessica Goyke and I am the woman behind Heart of Life.
Whenever I say “we” I am referring to myself and Heart of Life, the community we are building of empowered individuals seeking to improve their health and lives together every single day!

I am incredibly passionate about living my life in a way that allows me to express myself fully, feel happy & free, love to my greatest capacity and to create a ripple of an impact in the community that surrounds me.
I truly believe that I could not have any of this without my health.
Actually, I KNOW I could not have any of this without my health, because I lost my health at a young age.
At first it was an extremely uncomfortable period, next it was aches and a painful body during my active years in high school sports, add digestive problems to the mix, then my first asthma attack, followed by full blown ANXIETY.
There were so many signs from my body, but I was not informed on how to listen to them nor educated on what to do to turn them around.
In fact, I was given many band-aides to numb the signals from my body which meant more struggle and further development of dis-ease before I got to the root cause of all of my health expressions, AKA symptoms. 

Flash forward, I have so much gratitude for the experience of losing my health because without it I would never have the appreciation I do for it today. I would never have the compassion and understanding and the deep desire to develop the tools to be a guide to others on their way to healthy & whole.
Today, I know and see my body as incredibly intelligent and perfectly expressing its innate design even down to the day of the asthma attack that almost broke the straw of the camels back.
For without those signs and signals, I would not know that my internal environment was creating chaos. 

The first time I met a vitalistic chiropractor, she explained to me intricately about the intelligence my body held. She helped me see that my body was designed to heal itself, and that if it’s not expressing great health there was something interfering with its ability to do exactly that.
Essentially, all the challenges, stresses and traumas that I did not process as a child we’re beginning to layer up like an onion and kept my body stuck in a place of sickness, kept my body from healing and repairing and in a state of less than optimal health. This also included looking at the whole picture, the environment I had created and called my life, my health reality as I knew it was a sum of the choices I had made up to that point. I began to make impactful changes to my diet, my sleep, the words I spoke to myself, my routines, movement and even the products in my home and on my skin.
This journey began the day I learned how intelligent my body is, that day I decided I wanted to be on her team. That day and every day since I have made choices that aligned with intelligence and have allowed me to fully embrace myself and my health.
Today, I stand here over 10 years later in awe at how far I’ve come, and I know without a sliver of doubt that what is possible for one is possible for all.

I may not know where you are on your journey today or where you’ve been but I do know that you have simply scratched the surface of your potential in your one great life, and you can have all of the greatness you desire. 

Cheers to healthy and vital community! 
I would love to be a part of your journey to healthy & whole 

Dr. Jessica